Report Wireless “i-Anti theft Wheel Lock” for sale
2013 / 01 - For sale: Innovatie Support report 2012-06 / Wireless “i-Anti theft Wheel Lock” for vehicles

Application for non-driven wheel-ends and independent working from a parking braking system for a truck, truck with semi-trailer / trailer, van, car, forklift, etc. A transport vehicle such as a truck with semi-trailer is parked for a short or a long duration period with the parking braking system, usually done in combination with a security system. The practice has shown that despite the application of a security system, this system can be made relatively easily incapacitated after which the vehicle can be driven away.

Driving away is only possible because all the wheels of the vehicle, after incapacitating of the security system and de-activating of the parking braking system, can still run around!. To block the running around of the wheels after the de-activating of the parking braking system, Innovatie Support has developed an intelligent integrated wheel lock idea called “i-Anti Theft Wheel Lock System”. The wheel lock system is wireless operated with or without help from the Logistics Centre.

The system works independently of the parking braking system. As a reference for this idea study served a 9-ton axle suspension of which both wheel-ends, after parking, can be locked. The system gives among other things the possibility to design a truck with semi-trailer having a modular “vault” based building for special transport of differtent valuable goods. More information can be given by Innovatie Support.

The Innovatie Support report 2012-06 / 15 pages in the English language, is not yet previously published and is on sale for € 76,00. The report contains detailed drawings. Front page see PDF-annex. You can order this report with the Innovatie Support site / e-mail option.

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